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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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seems. the president said the deaths of the five officers last week should remind all americans of our common ideals. a northern virginia man accused of taking foet yoefz famous d.c. landmarks for isis will be in court. he was arrested on friday following the fbi sting operation. court documents say kumar gave an informant ideas wrf to take photos including the pentagon and other places in arlington and the district. the documents also say he thought the pictures would be used in an isis video to encourage lone wolf attacks in d.c. good morning, we have an alert for awe tend summer school or live around the university of maryland. there were three late night robberies. this is in college park. the first is at tiding hall. happened around 10:00. the second was in cause hall n that case, the thief showed a
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ann's hall. in all of the instances, nobody was hurt. we still don't know if anything was taken or what exactly was taken. all we know is that some of the suspects were reportedly wearing dark black clothing and a dark mask. this is a story we'll stay on top of. aaron, back to you. if you're driving along route 50 near bowie this morning, you may hear loud explosions or see thick black smoke. they are re-creating a plane crash scene for a movie near the freeway airport. filming is set to take place through friday from 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. 4. 367891. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> tom is here with four things to know about the forecast. look at the radar. >> yeah, right now getting lingering showers far southern maryland. they're moving across the eastern shore, pulling away off to the north aas
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wednesday morning. got a little haze in the air over the capitol. the four things to know over the next ten days, warm and humid mornings. then some afternoon thundershowers likely. probably not severe, just passing downpours with thunder and lightning during the afternoon. it gets really hot and muggy. sizzling temperatures next week. we may have the hottest temperatures of the week coming in toward the middle part and end of next week. you're what to wear forecast is coming up at 4:41. what's going on with the traffic? >> good morning, tom. one of our crews is working on the beltway on coalsville road. it's a work zone. headed over to i-95 getting past georgia avenue. the right lane is blocked off. prince georges county, headed northbound, you have a project going on there with only the left lane getting by. otherwise, relatively quiet. always good to see a
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throughout. but for noushw, we're to have a good start. aaron, back to you. >> jack, thank you. 4:33. unnerving develop mentes out o baton rouge. officers are looking for a suspect involved in a plot to kill police officers. officers uncovered the plans saturday night after eight handguns were stolen from a pawnshop. one of the suspects yelled from the shop's roof he was going to "get bullets to shootpolice." three young men, one of them 17, has already been arrested. two of the guns, stolen guns, are still missing. alton sterling's oldest son is set to address the media today. 15-year-old cameron sterling who you see here with his mother is expected to publicly thank those who supported his family since his father's death last week. you'll remember alton sterling was shot and killed by police. the officers involved are on standard paid administrative leave. toni t
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community will hold a vigil to remember seth rich. he was a staffer at the democratic national committee gunned down while walking home over the weekend. d.c. police say there has been a 30% increase in street robberies in the community compared to the same time last year. residents are concerned a massive construction project aimed at fixing the community's flooding problems has made it difficult for police to patrol the area and has cut down on visibility. the commissioner thinks robbers may be taking advantage of the situation. routine patrols have to change because of what happened.
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yesterday. cl clinton of deliver a speech in front of the old state house. we could be getting closer to find out who donald trump will choose as the running mate. he'll rollout the vp pick on friday. top candidates are believed to be indiana governor mike pence who campaigned with trump yesterday, new jersey governor chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich. >> the republican national committee will begin the summer meeting in cleveland. it comes five days before the convention gets under way. on tuesday, the party's platform committee approved language that echoed donald trump on several issues including immigration. the full platform will be voetd on next week at the convention. news 4 will have complete coverage of both parties' conventions starting next week in cleefd. chris lawrence and tom sherwood will bring you live reports beginning sunday night. in the day ahead, virginia senator
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hearing on the zeika virus. he'll address the risk and respond to zika in the western hemisphere. he is urging congress to pass a critical funding bill to fight the virus. >> you may have been sitting in this mess last night. a medical emergency caused a 21-car chain reaction. this is a kraction on i-395 near the 14th street bridge. the driver had a medical episode and lost control in the northbound lanes there around 6:30. he and three other drivers were taken to the hospital. eight cars had to be towed. no one seriously hurt though. right now in britain, david cameron is preparing to step aside as prime minister. here's a live look at the prime minister's residence at 10 downing street in london. he'll hand over the rains to teresa may.
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after the country voted to exit the european union. they will negotiate new trade terms and separating great britain from eu laws. cramped and confused, that is how metro passengers felt on the first day of search for the metro state track program. right now no trains are running between pentagon city and reagan national airport. the crystal city station is also closed. that means passengers arriving at reagan national must hop on a shuttle bus to get to the next station to board a train. long lines and a lot of confusion after many out of towners didn't know where to go. >> our first time in washington, d.c. >> we don't even have a bus system that runs very well. >> which shuttle bus is the right twoun get on? >> after i asked. >> metro says they have extra employees at stations telling people where to go.
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monday. >> what authorities want you to keep in mind about the pokemon go app. >> it was a call for help but they thought it was a pocket dial until a man turned up dead. >> you may want to bring your umbrella this morning. our storm chances start creeping ba
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we are seeing the first image of jupiter from nasa's juno spacecraft. we told you it may orbit last week, five years after the launch. >> in this clip, you can see half of jupiter on left here and a few of the moons on the right. juno will orbit for the next year and a half. >> it's amazing, right? >> yes. >> let's turn to tom now with the weather. >> showers are exiting southern maryland and crossing the bay and going to cambridge the next half hour or so. for the rest of the day to day, by 10:00, we'll be near 80 degrees and hazy sunshine. maybe a shower around 2:00 p.m. a likelihood of
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thundershowers from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. and to near 10:00 p.m. so what to wear, sunglasses until sunset, short sleeves, sun block, shorts, have the umbrella ready. look at our monster heat wave coming up is in ten minutes. jack is looking at that work zone in rock creek parkway. >> crews hanging in. there they'll hang in the rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. traffic will alternate one direction at a time. long term work. they'll there be until september. so they'll finish at 6:00 this morning. in maryland, 50 eastbound before 197, a paving project going on the right lane is getting by eastbound. not causing a delay. westbound lanes are open. we have activity along northeast. a large fire response in the area. all travel lanes are closed. watch to be rerouted in the area. back to you. >> thanks, jack. donald trump takes on supreme court justice rouge
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bader ginsburg. what is he is demanding from the sitting justice. it's game can you play anywhere, but should snut area asnd marks king you to put
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angie goff at the live desk. we have an update to a developing story out of northeast d.c. we learned that the 3100 block of bladensburg road, that is going to be closed off throughout this morning's rush hour. this after crews responded to this fire here that was actually inside that commercial building. we know the fire is out. no one was seriously hurt. we literally just got word in the last couple minutes that a fire fafighter was taken to the hospital. he is suffering from nonlife threatening i
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caused that fire. aaron? >> all right. angie, thank you. in just two days, we could learn who donald trump wants as his running mate. mike pence is on the short list. he joined trump on stage. you see this is in inld nap list last night. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more on trump's potential choices here. good morning. >> good morning. we talked about people like newt gingrich, chris christie and mike pence who he appeared with last night and threw out a hint telling the people of indiana next time you call him he may be governor or he may be called vice president. of course that, is no confirmation. we're hearing from insiders in the trump campaign that he will make an announcement on friday. so 48 hours now an we should know who that running mate is going to be. mike pence, a strong contender even though he had a rocky relationship with some conservatives. he has support from house speaker paul ryan on capitol hill. he said he wants someone who will nailwn
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administration if he wins and make sure they stick with the conservative principles. >> turning to hillary clinton now. she got that endorsement from bernie sanders yesterday. the latest polls show that she may need a boost right now. >> she flipped a bit in the survey poll. she is still ahead but only three points. she had a rough week. certainly that could be reflective of what we saw on the poll. but it's going to be easier now for her to make her case with bernie sanders backing her. the question now, will he bring along those conservatives? our polls show 78%, nearly eight in ten of the supporters said they will vote for clinton. she is going to be in illinois where she is talking about that. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. donald trump is firing back at supreme court justice rouge bader ginsburg. he tweeted, just ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign. this comes
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expressed fear over a trump presidency in recent interviews. experts on legal ethics say ginsburg is violating a rule that judges should stay out of politics. >> no matter how strongly she feels, part of the job of the judge is to keep her feelings to herself on these public issues and candidates for public office. >> there is no word yet on whether ginsburg has responded. prosecutors are surprised this morning by what they call a light sentence for a virginia mother convicted of child abuse after her son drowned in a accept tick tank. a judge sentenced ashley white to one year and 11 months. the commonwealth's attorney had asked for a ten-year prison term. white's 5-year-old son was left unattended and drauowned in a accept tick tank in march of 2015. now to the search for clues in a crash that killed a teenager last week. fairfax police are looking for the person driving this convertible. they say
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seen the crash along 236 last thursday. police say a 19-year-old lost control of the toyota he was driving and hit a tree. he died of his injuries earlier this week. transit police are crediting the public for helping them catch an assault suspect. the suspect is said to be 13 or 14 years old. so we're not showing his face. he is facing assault charges for an tack on a train near the prince george plas plaza station on monday. district lawmakers want the choice over statehood on the ballot. they approved a referendum that would give the d.c. council the authority to write the constitution for the state of new colombia. the vote is part of the mayor's strategy to pursue a model for staidhood similar to the state of tennessee which became a state after they crafted its own constitution and then was admitted into the union by congress. there are more food options coming to tyson. the fairfax county board of supervisors approved a plan yesterday to allow food truc
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on some streets near high-rise buildings. the trucks will be able to set up shop from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. monday through saturday. sunday they'll be open at 9:00 in the morning. historic places around washington aren't happy with the new pokemon go app. the u.s. holocaust museum and arlington national cemetery are asking people not to play the game while they visit there. representatives from both sites say it's inappropriate. the u.s. holocaust museum is trying to block characters from popping up on its grounds. and as the game picks up traction, there are new concerns it can put your personal information at risk. the app gives google access to the cell phone camera and that allows characters to appear anywhere. news 4 employee and gaming expert says it also allows going toll tap into more than what you may be comfortable with. >> in theory, read your e-mails, reed your google docs, see where
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>> he says there are steps can you take right now to froekt your privacy. go into your google settings and revoke permission when you see that poekmon go has full access to the google account, click the option to refuse access. >> no one was talking about poekmon and now that's all anyone can talk about. >> hopefully it will go away soon. >> i saw three groups of teenagers driving home yesterday and that's what they were doing. >> this is what they do. they don't talk to each other. >> i was concerned, are they aware traffic is flying by right by them? here this morning, traffic mochg h. moving along smoothly on dry pavement. we had a few showers overnight. showing them crossing the bay heading toward the eastern shore. pulling away from most of our region. here are the morning hours. there is the low cloud cover hanging over washington. that summer haze hanging in the air. er
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ahead. by 2:00, might have a passing shower being in the upper 80s. may get near 90 around 3:00, 4:00, but then a likelihood of thundershowers coming through. likely not severe. that will be around 5:00 p.m. to maybe 8:00 p.m. perhaps a lingering thundershower around 10:00 tonight. back down to around 80 degrees then. look at our heat index tomorrow afternoon. it will be up near 100. sizzling heat is going to begin to move in to much of the region beginning tomorrow and lasting all the way through the weekend, all the way into next week. in fact, our hottest temperatures of the year will likely be next week. the end of the week, maybe approaching 100 degrees. so we have that chance of storms here this afternoon. likelihood of that between again 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. then a small chance on thursday with that steam into the mid 90s. upper 90s on friday. a small chance of a storm. right now the weekend is hot and humid. proy
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then on monday, a chance of an afternoon storm and the low 90s. but then that extreme heat does move in the middle part of next week and towards the end of the week. it's going to be our longest heat wave of the year so far for the next several days. sob prepared for that. make sure the ac is working at home. you want to make sure that is all in good condition because you will definitely be needing it. highs 90s each day all the way in until the end of next week. let's check on the morning commute now with jack tanner in for melissa. >> we have better conditions on beltway than we do the weather map. you're in decent shape now inner and outer loop. the crew hanging in was on the noop of the beltway. they should be in the backup stages. they this h. work out there and blocking the right lane. bladensburg road at eastern avenue, closures in the ea
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that area. watch to be rerouted. again, bladensburg road is closed. >> thank you, jack. why the fbi decided to end one of america's biggest mysteries. the cooper investigation. >> a measure that could raise your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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yourbut the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. if you just joining us, we're following breaking news in
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there is an investigation. there we'll get the latest a few minutes. >> had 4:56 now. the fbi has officially closed one of the biggest crime mysteries of modern time n 1971, dan cooper flashed a note saying he had a bomb aboard a northwest airlines plane. he let the passenger goes in exchange for 200,000 and four parachutes over seattle he parachuted out with the money and never to be seen again. >> he deexposed $20 were found along the columbia river but no sign of cooper. this week they reassigned a lone agent on the d cooper case. >> i think of him as being just another sleazy rotten criminal. >> although the fbi will no longer actively investigate the case, the agency said they will continue to take tips related to the parachutes and stolen cash. >> the fredericksburg police department is doing an
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emergency dispatch center after a man died even though he called 911. >> d.c. want to make it illegally to collect medical bills if hit by a car while walking or biking. the full d.c. council backed a measure that would let victims sue for damages even if they are partially libel for the accident. bicycle and pedestrians safety advocates support the bill. opponents say it could hike car insurance premiums. a final vote is expected in august. >> to date pentagon and congressional leaders will hold a public discussion on transgender military service. 13 groups are backing the legislation. they want to better accommodate the thousands of transgender troops serving in the u.s.
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this afternoon's event begins at 2:00. right now that breaking news at 5:00 a.m., prince georges county police are investigating a murder in upper marlboro. >> this happened around midnight on the 12,000 block of hunterton street. kristen wright is live there. what you have learned? >> aaron, people in this neighborhood are waking up to news this morning that a man was killed here. we do have video in from overnight. it happened around midnight. somebody called police, we know, reporting a shooting. we also know police got here and they did find a man who had been shot. the other thing we know this morning is that police are investigating this as a homid
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that right now. fwhut right here is important. police are telling us they do not think this was a random crime. back to you. >> christen, thank you. >> we have long heat waves. today may be the next coolest day. there are a few lingering showers that are exiting southern maryland and moving to the eastern shore. hour by hour, sky and temperatures here throughout rest of the morning will be hovering in the mid 70s here through 7:00. then by 8:00 a.m., upper 70s. near 80 by 9:00 a.m. by 10:00, it will


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